Some Great Bands & Artists I recommend


Tommy Bolin  - one of my biggest influences and maybe my favorite musician of all time. A kid who left us the year I was born at the age of 25. There was no one like him before, and there will never be another. From Sioux City Iowa to World Tours in Deep Purple. Tommy is a legend, a wild dog, and a dreamer. 

Chanticlear -  on and off for over 15 years, with multiple line ups and various releases, this Boston Punk Rock n Roll outfit has two constants. The band is fronted by Joe Riot on guitar and vocals, while drums are handled by Eric Rogers. Over 15 years several bass players and rhythm guitarists have shared in the fun. Chanticlear play live all over New England to packed sweaty clubs and have a new album out now on Blue FX Records. 

Donaher - Great pop punk band from New Hampshire, brand new hot album came out July 21, check them out!!

John Herdt - John Herdt is an amazing guitarist from Colorado with many albums under his belt. Often collaborating with Canadas Wally Z on drums. Not limited in style Johns guitar will take you wherever you want to go. 

Molybaron - Incredible independent metal from France, if you like technical metal with great vocals and lyrics... here ya go!

Black Oak Arkansas - The original Raunch And Roll band is still kicking, With Jim Dandy on Vox and Ricky Lee Reynolds on guitar, plus King George on bass and Johnnie Bolin on drums. Recently re-signed with Atlantic Records, BOA are great friends, and still rocking strong. 

Wrong Path - an instrumental metal/doom soundtrack of one man band Marc Davey (formerly of CoExist, Whats in the Fridge?). 

Rippin E Brakes - New Hampshire's  "Folk n Roll" or "Country Eastern Rock n Roll". 

Hello Echo - Perhaps my favorite band to come out in the last few years, by way of Boston moved to California this three piece sounds bigger than they are, and that is because of great song writing and studio prowess. From Rock to Country this band has all th e alternatives down. 


Parlour Bells - Boston band in the classic vein of Roxy Music. Great musicians and friends please check them out on the Facebook.

Red Tail Hawk -  Portsmouth NH band. great mellow tune!

Jimmy Bez Blues Band - young guitar shredder from Boston, Jimmy Bez is gonna be a big time name soon!!

Bad Marriage- Boston hard rock, proving that rock isn't dead.

The Hard Ponys - my friends from San Francisco who play dirty rock & roll ala Guns and Roses. 

Hellbore an ever changing project that I may play bass on if it ever gets off the ground. Think sci-fi, think Sabbath. Its all new and more music will be coming!

Ichabod Stoner doom metal from Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Great guys and tight musicians. 


Official site of "The No-Shadow Kick"

Great band from Western MA., label mates. Punk, Funk, Rock, all rolled into one. Check out their album "Basement-MakeOut Party.
Official Site of Musician Phil Dutra
Phil is an amazing songwriter from Austin Texas. I met him out in LA at the Taxi Road Rally 2005, and made an instant friend. Upon hearing Phil's music, he made me an instant fan. Check out his site and latest CD.