Ian James


Nanobot Rock Reviews - Check out the entire review of Human Casualty, published March 25th 2013, by Nanobot Rock Reviews!!! 


GUBIC Music Blog - February 2013, a blog from the U.K. shares an artists correspondence with their audience as a "lesson for all" in contacting music industry writers/DJ's/ promoters etc. And also offers up a review of two tracks from the "Grand Delusions". 


Nanobot Rock Reviews - December 2012, Grand Delusions gets reviewed by Nanobot Rock Reviews... one of the best reviews of the album thus far! 

The Phoenix  - November 22 2012, The Phoenix adds the song "In Your Spell" to their "on-the download" page. Preview and download for free at this link. Also appeared in the print edition!! 


LaParadiddle  is a music blog based out of Brooklyn NY. Big thanks for sharing  Ian James Music. 


MuzikReviews.com -  ran a nice review of The Grand Delusions Album back in May. Check it out here.