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Cheap Real Estate - March 2015

CHEAP REAL ESTATE March 2015  <<<<Click here to listen, and name your own price if you'd like to download, or pay nothing and get it free. 

This album was written and recorded in February of 2015 as part of the international RPM Challenge. The RPM Challenge requirements are to write and record an album (either 10 songs or 35 minutes) within the month of February. I failed at meeting those requirements. I wrote 8 songs at 29 minutes. However I was out of the country for the last week of the challenge. I'm proud of my result though. 8 brand new guitar driven instrumentals that can be built upon down the road, with lyrics on some eventually. Not a bad first outing at attempting this challenge, given I only used three weeks.

Fever Dreams - EP, January 2015

FEVER DREAMS EP, January 2015  <<Click here to Listen or download. 


The third and final installment in the trilogy of EPs. Digital release only. released 08 January 2015 

Ian James - performance, recording, productions etc. Album artwork by Cai von Kugler, modified by Ian James.


Songs include:

Conor's Pick

Alone In The World

Sweet Burgundy (Cover) - Tommy Bolin

Pinch Point

Guess I'm Doin Fine (Cover) -Beck

Pain Scale - EP, October 2014

PAIN SCALE EP, October 2014 <<< to listen or Purchase for only $4.00

Part 2 of a three part series of digital EP releases. 

This EP is of unmastered demos straight from the recording console of Native Cave studios Lowell MA.

Released 03 October 2014 

Ian James (writer, performer, producer, etc. )


Songs include:

Deep End

Worth More Dead

Contemplation (instrumental)

More Of The Same

Buriedfed (Cover) - Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson


Beyond Reach - EP, June 2014


BEYOND REACH EP, June 2014 <<< To Listen or Download for FREE click here.

First in a three part series of EP's, Released exclusively for digital download. Recorded at Native Cave Studios, Lowell MA Mastered at Specialized Mastering Portland OR


Songs include:

Take Me Home (a tribute to Tommy Bolin)

Panic Attck

Life Decisions

People People (cover)  -Tommy Bolin

Calling After You

Human Casualty 2013

HUMAN CASUALTY June 2013  <<<To listen or purchase for $7.00

Released June 11 2013, the new CD has 11 songs available for digital download. There is also a limited edition first presing of physical CD's that feature 3 bonus tracks. Rock and Roll or the future!!! 

Grand Delusions 2012

GRAND DELUSIONS June 2012  <<< to listen or purchase for $7.00 click here

The ten song album Grand Delusions which was released in 2012 on Blue FX Records in a CD sleeve. Nominated for Album of the Year by a Solo Artist in 2012 by Limelight Magazine. 

Hip-tronica - 2010 - EP

Hip-Tronica EP <<< to purchase from itunes, click here.

These six tracks are a small collection of songs that Ian accumulated over the past three years while writing for other projects and soundtracks. The songs all having a hip-hop element didn't quite fit on Ian's other releases but did seem to fit well together as an EP. Recorded at Native Cave studios from 2007 to 2010. Please enjoy....

songs include:

Hello Friends

The Dealers Hand

In The Lab (ft. D-Tension)


The PArty Is On Tonight

My Cascade Amplification - 2009 - Digital Album - Online Exclusively

MY CASCADE AMPLIFICATION <<< to Listen and purchase from itunes.


an instrumental electronica and dance album built around solid modern beats and sonic splashes that's perfect for dancing, driving or any other activity that requires you getting amped up

Songs Include:

All In

Deeper (Shade of House)

Roxy's Race

Fine Print 

3AM Drive

Teflon Disco

Virtual Love

To Move Is To Groove

Seeking Shade 

My Cascade Amplification

Ian James Volume 2 - 2007 - CD

 VOLUME 2 2007 <<< to listen or purchase click here

14 new songs from Ian released on Blue FX Records in Summer 2007. Fusing multiple genres of music (funk, electronic, rock and even a little hip-hop) Ian's tracks "Getting In (My Way)", "Dispute", "Lost Surise", and "Chemistry Lesson" are all garnering air-time on radio stations from all over the world including XM Satellite. This is the follow up CD to Volume 1 which was released in 2005.

Invasive [skolfield or james] "Remnants" - 2006 - CD

Invasive Remnants Album 2006 <<< to listen or purchase from itunes click here. 

 13 songs of instrumental beats with a dark edge. Multi layered guitars and keys to take you on a journey through melancholy nostalgia. This is the debut CD from Invasive featuring the collaboration of John Skolfield and Ian James. Released September 2006. 45 mins running time.

World-Funk-Rhythm & Blues Vol.1 - 2005

The debut CD on Blue FX Records. Released in September 2005. Seven songs on this disc. Thanks, and enjoy!

No-Shadow Kick's "Basement Make-Out Party"- 1999 - CD on Blue FX Records

Released in 1999, this power funk trio from Western Massachusetts was the first band to sign on with indie label Blue FX Records. (Ians label). Check out their unique sound and dig on their grooves.